Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2008

All good things come to an end

hey guys,

46 hours until my seabourn expierence is over! i know i sort of slacked off with the pictures in the end, but there were (besides the horrible internet connection which takes ages for a single picture upload) why i did not spend so much time on the web!
However, I will post everything once i am back home! It was quite a nice experience that showed me a lot...happy days and tough times!

Stay tuned for more in 2 days!

Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008

Scandinavia, crew bar, visiting Elsa in Oslo

Some more pictures of the latest activities... well actually of the past month, as I sort of struggled to update this fantastic blog.. but eh, soon enough I'll have more time anyways!:)

Samstag, 5. Juli 2008


My laptop is finally working again, so over the next days I will add new posts and pictures. Collected quite some stories to tell and pictures to go along!

just a lil patience :)

Dienstag, 10. Juni 2008


I am currently cruising the Fjordes of Norway and the weather is so-so.... had to skip Kim's hometown Aalesund due to horrible weather and went straight on to Bergen...
fair enough, Kim is in Brig anyways;)
Unfortunatley, internet reception is horrible, so i'm rather lucky to have a signal right now!

some pics attached from Kopenhagen and Flaam

Freitag, 6. Juni 2008


And a few more pics from Stockholm and Warnemünde

Big news!

Team Katanga had its first game yesterday against the crew from the Holland-America lines which was docked next to us at the port in Warnemünde. They organised a shuttle to a sportscenter where a football pitch was rented for us! At the end of a 60 minute game, we managed to score the winning goal in the last minute for a close 8:7 end result!

Put your hands up for the Pride!

Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2008

I'm not dead...

Time for news!

Have not really managed to keep up with the blog lately. It is rather hard when u prefer to sleep or quickly check the mails and then hunt some food around the ship instead of producing some quality text here:)
However, I'll take a few minutes now! I have been struggling to upload new pictures, as the uploading system is kind of challenging for my browser...
This cruise has been quite easy in terms of guests. Mostly americans, and they are easy to entertain. Scandinavia is really nice to look at and we were quite blessed with the weather. Stockholm was actually my favorite destination so far. Tomorrow we will dock in Warnemünde, Germany, and have a football match against the crew of another ship docking there. It has been organised via our Purser's office. Can't wait to kick some a$$ :)
St. Petersburg was warmer and prettier than expected, but unfortunatly I was unable to get off the ship for all three days. According to russian immigration laws, it is only allowed to disembark the vessel holding a seaman's book from your own country. Since our ship is registered in the Bahamas, we all hold books from the Bahamas:(
I have also managed to obtain a promotion at the beginning of this cruise, which caused a lot more stress than expected. The new job and responsibilites were quite challenging and took until now to get used to. It feels like the routine just kicked in yesterday.... we'll see what tonight brings!

I hope this info helps and I will really try hard to post more... maybe I need some "hate mails" to keep me on track for that ;)

so long...